Set list asylum 10/8/05

okay here it is...the set list for champagne socialism brunch last saturday. thanks to everyone who braved the monsoon weather and came out for some eggs and pancakes and tunes. the nice thing about doing things with svetlana is that everything gets recorded and turned into a photo narration.

Ex Models Love Japanese Style
Komeda Our Hospitality
Radio 4 Struggle
Wannadies Little by Little
Cornelius Smoke
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Svetlana Set 1:
Gorillaz “Feeling good”
Stevie Wonder “Superstition”
A-HA “Take on me”
Klymaxx “Meeting in the ladies room”
Lisa Lisa “I wonder if I take you home”
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oh, arkansas

i love arkansas. it's this beautiful, serene place where i feel totally okay with doing nothing. i went down to hot springs with my dad in may, and then in august with a couple good friends. i love all of it. my dad's place on lake hamilton, the baths, the intense, overwhelming graciousness of my dad's friends, and even little rock.

i used to think it was nostalgia driving me to fantasize about moving down there, but i'm starting to think about it more and more. not for good, and not for the whole year, but maybe for a couple months out of the year. i don't have any friends in hot springs, but i don't think i'd need friends if i lived there.


photo by kim bentley
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I’m planning to go on a cache hunt in the near future. Has anyone ever been geocaching? I’m shopping around for a good GPS unit. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good GPS unit in the $100-$300 range? I’ve heard that a low-end GPS is sufficient for geocaching, but I’d like one that is good for use beyond a treasure hunt.
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asylum set list

thanks to everyone who came by for champagne socialism brunch at asylum today. here's the set list from my first set. i think i threw away the second set list. i can't believe i forgot to play bloc party, either.

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i wish i'd written down laura's songs too because they were great, but i forgot. she played some phoenix, chaos, and autolux -- three bands i'd never heard before. i don't remember the rest.
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sellin' out

last week i started working for corporate america in my job as a...uh...research analyst for that gathers information on commercial real estate. not bored yet? don't ask me what i do, i'm not sure just yet. thing is, i'm so much happier than i was when i was working for my last boss, who was satan. yes, the work is boring, but the health benefits are great and they do tuition reimbursement, which are the two most important qualities in a job for me right now.

many of you know by now about my crush on my urologist. he is now my ex-urologist. i will never see him again, but i have these fantasies where we meet up randomly at an unlikely place, which is anywhere because our paths will never cross unless i go back to him as a patient (which i won't -- i have better health care now so i'm going to see another doctor). i understand that all of this is kind of sick, but i can't help it! he's so young and nerdy (by my calculations, derived from clues he left about his residency and from googling him and using other standard stalking techniques, he can't be more than 34).

i got an A in my first geography course for my program.

i watched lilya 4-ever the other night. this is one of the saddest, most gut-wrenching movies i've ever seen. get it now on dvd and watch it.

going to hot springs this weekend and will be spending three days on a beautiful lake. every time i go down there i wonder how i'm going to fill my time, and then by the time i leave i realize there's too much that i want to do there and not enough time.

anyone else going to see pernice brothers on thursday night at jammin' java? what an odd place for them to play.

this new medicine i'm on makes me want to go to sleep at 9:30.
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reader's choice 2005

number 1 reason to bother voting in the 2005 Washington Post Reader's Choice Awards: whitlow's on wilson must not win in any category.

first day working for the man tomorrow. i always spend the first month at any job in fear that my new employer hates me and is looking for an excuse to fire me. i'm usually fine after that. i just wish that i could skip over the first month and that tomorrow was the beginning of my second month.
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Supreme Court Nomination

i haven't updated in a while. i'm up late writing a journal article review for class, and i haven't any energy left to leave any thoughts of my own. instead i will quote some pithy ramblings from an anonymous source on the recent supreme court nomination:

"Based on my experience, I find him a very conservative, results-oriented judge who happens to be able enough to disguise his basically results-driven approach. By that I mean that he has strong biases and he will work very hard to manufacture a result that accords with those biases, albeit within the bounds of basic reason. Read more...Collapse )
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nationals game

if you're going tonight, then take a walk and come say hi. i'll be with the texas jamisons, it'll be fun, you'll see. we're in section 520, row 18, high above home plate toward 3rd base. send a text if you're looking for me.

was anyone else at malcolm x park on monday during the fireworks? that was me sitting next to the group who burst into patriotic song every 10 minutes, arousing the ire of nearby white hipsters and black families. for a city park, malcolm x has awesome public bathrooms.
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my friend cliff died last night. i'm devastated and i've been a space cadet all day. he was barely 40 and he died of a heart attack. i found out when i went in to work. in addition to being a generally awesome person, cliff was also my one-time boss, mentor and job-finder. he found my current job. his wife leila works at my organization, which is why i found out when i went in to work this morning.

this is the first time a friend of mine has died. it's just so....present. he's not my parent or grandparent, he's in my generation and he died of a heart attack.

main reason why this sucks: i miss my friend. i mean, i just saw him, and he was so healthy and saying "fuck" every tenth word like usual.

oh, and i'm going to miss the funeral this weekend because i'm going to be in arkansas on a lake reassembling my sanity.
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