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my friend cliff died last night. i'm devastated and i've been a space cadet all day. he was barely 40 and he died of a heart attack. i found out when i went in to work. in addition to being a generally awesome person, cliff was also my one-time boss, mentor and job-finder. he found my current job. his wife leila works at my organization, which is why i found out when i went in to work this morning.

this is the first time a friend of mine has died. it's just so....present. he's not my parent or grandparent, he's in my generation and he died of a heart attack.

main reason why this sucks: i miss my friend. i mean, i just saw him, and he was so healthy and saying "fuck" every tenth word like usual.

oh, and i'm going to miss the funeral this weekend because i'm going to be in arkansas on a lake reassembling my sanity.

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