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sellin' out

last week i started working for corporate america in my job as a...uh...research analyst for a...uh...company that gathers information on commercial real estate. not bored yet? don't ask me what i do, i'm not sure just yet. thing is, i'm so much happier than i was when i was working for my last boss, who was satan. yes, the work is boring, but the health benefits are great and they do tuition reimbursement, which are the two most important qualities in a job for me right now.

many of you know by now about my crush on my urologist. he is now my ex-urologist. i will never see him again, but i have these fantasies where we meet up randomly at an unlikely place, which is anywhere because our paths will never cross unless i go back to him as a patient (which i won't -- i have better health care now so i'm going to see another doctor). i understand that all of this is kind of sick, but i can't help it! he's so young and nerdy (by my calculations, derived from clues he left about his residency and from googling him and using other standard stalking techniques, he can't be more than 34).

i got an A in my first geography course for my program.

i watched lilya 4-ever the other night. this is one of the saddest, most gut-wrenching movies i've ever seen. get it now on dvd and watch it.

going to hot springs this weekend and will be spending three days on a beautiful lake. every time i go down there i wonder how i'm going to fill my time, and then by the time i leave i realize there's too much that i want to do there and not enough time.

anyone else going to see pernice brothers on thursday night at jammin' java? what an odd place for them to play.

this new medicine i'm on makes me want to go to sleep at 9:30.
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