this will be my last time going to the polls in maryland. after 3 1/2 years of living in dc, i've cut the cord and i'm in the process (and believe me, it's a process) of switching over my residency from my dad's address (the house where i grew up) to mine.

this will also be my last time voting with matt garfinkle. since matt and i grew up a half mile away from each other in maryland, and neither of us switched residencies after we left home, we vote at the same elementary school. we always get breakfast at ihop and then hit the polls together. i can't believe that this is the last time for this tradition.

i can't believe that in 14 hours (hopefully) we will know our fate.
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my feet are freezing

i can already feel my clothes getting tighter since quitting 11 days ago. and to anyone who says "what's a few pounds considering how much healthier you'll be as a non-smoker," i want to say "why don't you gain weight along with me for support," or to someone who's never been a smoker, "please don't talk to me, even if you mean well." last time i quit i put on about 12 pounds, and didn't really lose it until i picked up smoking again 6 months later.

i'm starting to get nervous about starting the new job next week. this is the first job i've had since before i went back to school where i will be required to do more than just show up. i've had jobs with responsibility before, but that was a long time ago. for the last 3 years i've taken jobs where i'm told exactly what to do. there's something comforting in that type of employment. this thing came on kind of suddenly, and i didn't even apply for the job. my current bosses at the nea recommended me for a real, paying job in another department, and then told me basically that the job was mine if i wanted it. which is good because i probably wouldn't have applied. not yet on federal payroll (i'm a contractor, no benefits) for now.

somehow i'm not a bitch

hey i just finished my first week of quitting smoking. for the upteenth time. who knows maybe it will stick this time.

next step: getting holier-than-thou with my smoker friends, as if i am somehow a better person. i will practice rolling my eyes, fake coughing, only dating non-smokers...

by the way i'm very, very suspicious of people who've never smoked. how does that happen?
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lindsay's tits

mean girls is quite possibly the best movie i've seen in months. i like this trend of early 90s electronic favorites making their way into mainstream culture a decade later. also to be noted: underworld's "rez" on an episode of "Alias" last season. okay that's all i got. does anyone else have a tv/movie reference in that vein?

motion sickness

starting on tuesday of this past week, i began to get sick to my stomach every time i rode the metro. it's awful. now i have to commute to work on my bike rain or shine, since i work downtown and can't drive. i have no idea why, after 4 and a half years of riding metro, i'm suddenly getting queasy on a 10 minute ride. that's right, 10 minutes, cleveland park to metro center, and i can't stomach it. i'm hoping this passes. i take metro everywhere and i only drive my car when i have no other option.

i miss new york and my friends in brooklyn. i went up there 3 weekends ago and i can't get it out of my head that i need to live there before i turn 30, or at least before i turn 35. i used to think that i only wanted to move there if i was making a certain minimum amount of money. but a)that's probably not going to happen and b)brooklyn, which is what i think of when i think of new york city, is not any more expensive than dc, and i manage to make ends meet here.

fuck the pouring rain just started. hope it slows down by morning for the dc bike ride.
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dc bike ride

is anyone else riding in the washington area bicycle association bike ride this saturday? i'm assembling a team. so far there are four of us for sure. our uniforms are a decorated t-shirt/tube top with anti-bush slogans written on it with bubble pens and a tennis skirt. shaved legs are optional. the ride is either 12 miles (family ride, this part is blocked off from traffic) or 32 miles (includes the 12 mile family ride and then another 20 un-blocked-off-from-traffic miles). oh and it starts at 7:30am on a saturday, but it's seriously worthwhile.

survey copied from leigh's entry

The \\
Last Cigarette:marlboro red
Last Alcoholic Drink:caffrey's and a shot of jack
Last Car Ride:my volvo to work
Last Kiss:rana silver when saying goodbye at mousetrap
Last Good Cry:granny's memorial service
Last Library Book:slaughterhouse 5 - vonnegut
Last book bought:a good man is hard to find - o'connor
Last Book Read:the new york trilogy - auster
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:hunting the president
Last Movie Rented:sealab 2021 and chappelle's show dvds from netflix
Last Cuss Word Uttered:cunt
Last Beverage Drank:coffee
Last Food Consumed:cereal with sliced bananas
Last Crush:you
Last Phone Call:heather
Last TV Show Watched:west wing rerun on abc last night
Last Time Showered:yesterday after swimming but before coffee with dad
Last Shoes Worn:burgundy sneakers
Last CD Played:dot allison "we are science"
Last Item Bought:white-out
Last Download:latest version of aim -- now i can go into stealth mode!
Last Annoyance:found out potential nooky has a gf
Last Disappointment:nad's leg wax doesn't work and i lost the receipt
Last Soda Drank:diet coke
Last Thing Written:diet coke
Last Key Used:e
Last Words Spoken:let's wait till lunch
Last Sleep:3am - 8:45am
Last Ice Cream Eaten:ben and jerry's half-baked pint split with heater
Last Chair Sat In:office chair
Last Webpage Visited:

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    dot allison "we are science"