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wymon henderson
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Sunday, August 15th, 2004
11:03 pm
rare treat
went to a.c. newman last night. thought i timed it perfectly to get there for the headline act since i was already a little grumpy and not up for more than one set. instead i got there just in time for the middle act, rogue wave.

i love getting blown away by a band i've never heard before. they were fantastic. carl newman's band was of course great, although not a huge departure from the new pornographers. i bought both bands' cds and a rogue wave t-shirt, which is cute and yellow and, of course, american apparel.

for no particular reason, i stayed up watching movies until 8am this morning and didn't wake up until 5:30 this evening. i'm going to be awake for a while.

why is it so common when there's just one woman in a band for the woman to be the bass player? seems odd since a bass guitar is so big and women have tinier hands.

just got my fall edition of Bust magazine. i adore this mag above all other feminist mags or zines, but for one thing: every album they review gets a great review, 5 stars, 13 thumbs up. it's like the exact opposite of the city paper, but with the same results: with no differentiation between reviews (even if they're entertaining), how can i know what's good or bad (according to someone else)?

disappointing ali g tonight.

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
1:03 pm
So late last night on our way back from swimming, dennis, darcy and I get pulled over in kennsington because dennis’ tail light is out. Cop comes over. Sarcastic, nasty, rude. True, dennis was missing some crucial documents (registration, title) and there were still California tags on the car. But it was ridiculous.

Cop: liscence and registration

Dennis: I just received my birth certificate and social security card in the mail and I’m going to the DMV to get a driver’s license. The registration is expired because I can’t do that until I get a license, which I’m getting tomorrow. I suppose it’s no good now.

Cop: that’s right it’s no good (sarcastic). stop lying and giving me the runaround and tell me what’s really going on. (nasty nasty tone)

Dennis: I bought this car from a co-worker 3 weeks ago and he gave it to me with the tags.

Cop: cars just don’t come with tags, stop lying to me (nasty nasty tone). May I check your vehicle?

Dennis: no you may not check my vehicle since you have no probable cause.

Cop: so what exactly are you hiding that you don’t want me to see?

Dennis: nothing, I just don’t want you to search my car

Cop: obviously you’re hiding something. Do you have guns in the trunk?

Dennis: no. why would you say that I’m hiding something?

Cop: one can only assume.

(about an hour of waiting and four more cop cars showing up. Tow truck arrives for dennis’ car. Darcy and I get our id’s back. Cop swearing at dennis.)

Cop: you got all kinds of problems.

(hands him 3 citations totaling about a thousand dollars. We call a cab, wait at least another hour outside a 7-11 with coffee and snacks. We are not even two miles away from the spot where dennis was pulled over when the cab gets pulled over by a cop for speeding)

Current Mood: sleepy
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
11:02 am
it's often better not to make plans
this weekend was great. i kept it mostly open and free from commitment and enjoyed playing it by ear.

after work i went to the y to do some rounds on the bag and ended up bruises all over my body, which for some reason didn't upset me but rather it made me feel tough. later that night was the laura/2ifbysea show at dc9. i'm happy because finally after more than a year of attending laura's shows, my friends (the ones that aren't laura's friends too) are going to her shows as well. a bunch of us went back to james' place after the show to continue the party. i stayed up way past my bedtime.

hung out with mark in the afternoon. turns out that his daughter is reading this scholastic spy book series, the same series for which my sister wrote a book 2 years ago. traded a few leftover items with my ex. got home and watched sealab2021 and west wing episodes all evening until heather and chris came over, and then we just watched sealab.

does anyone else think that the sealab theme sounds a lot like tonya donnelly?

meant to go for a bike ride but it was too hot during the day, and then all of a sudden it was too dark to go.

softball cancelled due to a 10 minute storm. i was already in the suburbs so i went to go hang out with my dad in rockville.

i think my dad has this australian gf who he met in baghdad a few months ago. i guess most of my friends have already gone through this when their parents split up, but it's really really wierd to get used to my dad being with someone else.

went over to my 2nd mom's place in rockville and spent the afternoon with her.

ended up the evening having dinner with laura and jeff, playing boggle and set (the most awesome card game ever), then went to bed at a reasonable hour.

wtf i'll include monday in my weekend:
work, then boxing, too late to make the camera obscura show at iota so i went back to my place and watched pet semetary with some friends. i got on the phone and talked to mark pernice until 3:30 am about being slutty.

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
7:24 pm
this is one of those days when i hate everybody.
Monday, July 26th, 2004
1:41 pm
judd nelson
spent weekend in brooklyn and got an emiliano haircut, which i'm not quite sure if i like yet, but i always end up liking his cuts eventually. i have like half inch bangs.

my granny died this morning. she was so ready to go but it still sucks. she died in her sleep which is certainly how i want to go when it's my time.

and finally yesterday i began to feel better about the jim situation. just a little better but it was significant to me. jill, allison and i went to the queer 80s prom at velvet and had an awesome time, even though there were only 15 people there. it was a first ladies dc event and i'm always up for supporting any one of their productions. lots of skirt and dress lifting, butt pinching, and molly ringwold style dancing.

i've decided that i love dancing at queer/dyke nights, but only if i like the music. i can't do chaos or apex/badlands anymore, because the music makes me want to kill somebody. so taint night, therefore, was perfect. brit-poppy queer night. i like i like.

i have 6 bags of shit to take to mustard seed / glad rags / tina's consignment.

so my friend johnny went on "tour" with the pixies throughout canada, phish/dead style. some company apparently pressed the recordings of every show onto a cd. i just got a package in the mail from johnny, who sent me a copy of every show on the canada tour. this could be the best thing anyone's given me in ages, except for my birthday when jim gave me a vcr so that i could tape reruns of buffy and the west wing.
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
3:14 pm
so i took the How Gay Are You Quiz and i'm 60% gay, so i figured that i should go to ladies night at chaos. i've come to the conclusion that i never want to be a lesbian because it is just about the worst music ever. it's like the worst of gay men music.
Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
5:32 pm
college over
did i mention that i'm done with school and that i would like a job please?

biking rules. last weekend when it was like 95 degrees a bunch of us biked up the potomac till we found an overhanging tree, tied a rope to a branch and swung out like tarzan into the river. i was hoping to do this again over the memorial day weekend but it wasn't really warm enough to justify putting my life (somewhat) at risk.

related news: i'm learning how to do basic repairs on my bike with the help of my friend dennis and from "the complete guide to bicycle maintenance and repair." so far i can adjust my break pads, take the rear wheel on and off and change a tire. that is not much, but its a start. i'm tired of not knowing how to do shit.

i have the greatest boyfriend ever. i can't believe that he continues to date me.

went rock climbing over at carderock with eric on sunday. it was my first time setting up everything by myself. it took me like 3 hours to set up the anchor system because i insisted on having backups for my backups, but neither eric nor i tumbled to our deaths on the rocks so i guess it worked out okay. and i taught someone how to climb! all in all i'm very proud of myself. this falls under the same category as the bike thing. i tend to yield to others when it comes to things like setting up shit (climbing anchors, stereos) or fixing shit (bikes, cars, toilets). usually i start doing the task, whatever it is, then someone comes along who knows what he's doing and i back away. and then i wonder why i don't know how to do anything. i'm 27 and i can't even figure out how my cable works.

aquarium at the cat was great.

that's all for now. hopefully i'll update more frequently now that school's done. i find it difficult to construct a sentence for anything non-school-related when my mind is wrapped up in classes.

Current Mood: free
Monday, April 19th, 2004
1:12 am
rock and sun
the good:

lots of rock in the past few days. pernice brothers on thursday. they were great, yeah of course, but the highlight was their touring keyboardist/guitarist, who was so fucking adorable i couldn't stand it. he looked 18 at the oldest. anyway so i decided to make him my new celebrity crush. i joined the pernice brothers message board just to find out his name, which is james walbourne, and he's 21 years old. so then of course i googled him. got some good stats, but i was hoping for a picture online somewhere, since he's unlikely to show up on teenbeat.

next in rock was a boy-rock sausage fest show at the warehouse. last night was laura burhenn's cd release party at dc9, which went really well, considering that the upstairs was crowded. come down opened for her, in what will likely be their second-to-last performance, because sadly they are breaking up. laura's show was great, as usual, although extra special because she had a string section for about half of the songs, along with the bicycle thieves doing the electric thing and drums.

the bad: its getting down to the wire on my various projects in school, and i'm a little nervous that i won't finish my stuff by the deadline. i didn't feel like doing school work at all, but i had to, which made me slightly cranky.

but also good: baked some lemon bundt cake for the dupont circle station of the moveon.org bake sale. at our bake sale alone we made more than $4,000!!! hung out in the circle all afternoon selling goodies and passing out flyers. this morning i went for a bike ride. i thought it was only a half hour to bethesda, but i went a wierd way through the park and it took me one and a half hours. pretty day to ride a bike but i was very tired when i arrived at my destination, a birthday brunch at my friend matt's house. got to see the high school crowd, who i tend to see about once every 3-6 months, and that suits me (and them) fine, although they all hang out with each other most of the time.

but not as good: didn't get to see much of jim this weekend since we were both busy with separate stuff. also, i skipped softball practice on saturday. i hate missing softball. but christ, practice was at 9am on a saturday. no fucking way i'm doing that.

very, very good: my dad is still alive in baghdad! his cat, who is in rockville, is sadly not so alive. not yet dead but so very old. i fear that this next trip to the vet might be her last.

Current Mood: good and bad
Thursday, April 15th, 2004
7:33 pm
Monday, April 12th, 2004
4:48 pm
I shouldn't be allowed to watch ER. i ALWAYS cry during ER. last week was especially bad. kerry's partner dies, which is awful enough, and then she loses their baby because it's not biologically hers and sandy's family doesn't accept her as the second mom. oh my god they are twisting the knife.

sports night, on the other hand, is an awesome show. i'm flying through the dvd's of the only two seasons of the show.

i just finished a masterpiece of bullshit on absurdist theatre for class tonight. yay!
Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
11:28 pm
so so so so so busy
being busy is strange for me. i'm temporarily working at Catholic doing boring office stuff. Glad to have the funds, but i really don't like working when i'm in school. i know that people do both things all the time, but i don't think i'm cut out for it. at least one thing has to be part time.


so this is what i've been doing:

taking 12 credits at maryland and trying to graduate

working full-time, but soon part-time, at Catholic

march for women's lives benefit show and other stuff for the march

distributing future of music coalition flyers around town (actually, i haven't started this yet since i just got the flyers in the mail today)

taking care of my dad's household while he's in baghdad for a few months

making condom pins with jill for The Condom Project

boxing at the YMCA


so as you all can see, i'm busy, which as i said before, is wierd because i'm never busy. i'm not used to anxiety or stress and i don't like it. thankfully, softball season starts soon. go Filibusters!
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
12:21 pm
U.K. is alright
just got back from england. i'm totally jetlagged and sick with a cold that i picked up on the flight over and reinforced on the way back home yesterday. i woke up at 5am. i've been up almost 8 hours and its only 12:30.

lots of fun and romping while i visited my college roommate becky and her scottish boyfriend murray. we went to brighton, where i found an excellent pair of jeans with embroidered flowers at the charity store OxFam. next we went to ashdown forest, also known as Pooh Corner. we spent the night at a lovely B&B. but then the next morning it turns out the owners are jehovah's witnesses and they gave us pamphlets. i always thought that english people weren't religious. wierd. anyway, the next day we wandered around Pooh Forest, and played Pooh Sticks on Pooh Bridge. i totally kicked becky's and murray's asses at Pooh Sticks.

on my last day we actually went into london. becky lives in london, but in South London (not the "southside" as i kept calling it), so we take british rail within the city limits to get downtown. i'm so used to baby-sized DC, i forget that most city capitals are huge and contain half of the country's population (ever met a person from Czech Republic who wasn't from Prague?). becky doesn't like the tube, so we WALKED to the East End and back. miles and miles. i don't like walking that much. i was such a cranky bitch at the end of the day. highlights include a trip to Bright Street in the East End, where we went shopping at Laden, a great young-designer clothing store, and Shhh..., a lady-owned-and-managed sex shop, where the nice lesbian cashier made us some tea while we looked at the funny vibrators.

other special moments: curling up with becky and watching tv, laptopping with murray, reading the most wonderful serial series ever, Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City" collection (attention anyone in their 20s or 30s in any city ever: you must read this), reading Hello! on my way into town and Time Out London on my way out.

sadly, we took no pictures, except a few blurry ones on murray's phone.
Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
4:21 pm
Rock 'N' Roe Benefit Show at the Cat
March For Women's Lives Benefit Show

Show is at the Black Cat on Friday, March 5. $7. I've been working on this show with some friends for the past couple of months. Come support my first effort at putting together a show. And of course come to support the cause.
Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
11:23 am
FREE in-store show at Revolution Records
Our newest record store in town, Revolution Records http://www.revolutionrecords.net/index.htm, is having a free in-store Mary Lou Lord show today at 4pm. She'll play at Iota later on tonight.

RR is located right at the Van Ness Metro station on the red line. It's on Connecticut Ave. at the Van Ness intersection, or thereabouts.

I'll be there. Jim will be there. My friend Pete, who's visiting from Ann Arbor, will be there. In short, you need to be there too. Let's support D.C. in-store show effords. The record store itself is pretty neat. They have private listening booths where you can kick back and listen to that CD you're considering, headphones-free.

See you there.
Monday, February 9th, 2004
12:20 am
Borders Books and MUSIC
I have a gift card for Borders and I've decided to buy a CD. Since it's free money, I want to buy a CD based on recommendation alone, one where I haven't heard of any of the songs, or not already from one of my favorite bands. Any suggestions? Can't be too indie. Must be available at Borders.
Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
6:09 pm
been a while
while i'm back to writing since i'm no longer depressed. can't write a lick when i'm depressed. good thing i was on break from school, and good thing i'm feeling better, since school starts next week.

jury duty today. i was actually excited, but lots of waiting around. i got dismissed because it was a drug possession case and i have a court history in that category. oh well. i actually wanted to be on a jury, at least i'd get paid, which beats unemployment.

does anyone have 2 old 97s tix for this friday night? there's already like 20 ads for them on craigslist.
Monday, December 8th, 2003
12:17 pm
i hate school i hate school
2 finals and a paper, all due in a week. yuck fucking yuck.

thanksgiving was awesome. dinner was in town with my best friend's family. it's really the best way. someone's family, just not my own, so it's less fucked up and i can enjoy the food.

then jim and i took off for pittsburgh for the rest of the weekend. stayed with his family. i like pittsburgh. it's strangely hip, just not that many people there. even fewer than dc, and this town feels very small most of the time. i've decided that my favorite type of place to hang out is the type of place that's casual (you order your own food and take it to your seat), the food is yummy, and they have a bar with beers on tap, and serve coffee. that way i don't have to decide if i'm in a restaurant, bar or coffee house. it all gets done in one spot. and cause no one's waiting on me, i don't feel like i have to rush through my food and then leave. anyway, pittsburgh has lots of places like this. it's a good thing.

spent the next couple of days in toronto. i love canada. i'm defecting if bush wins next year. will anyone come with me? everything that we have one of in this city - good thrift store, good boutique, good veggie restaurant - they have a whole district of in toronto. and it's not even that cold! c'mon people, lets go if things don't go so well next november.

since then it's been the books and more books. grr. argh. well i got to see laura perform on saturday night at staccato. that was fun. our friend mark came down from new york for the weekend. yay! and i've finished up my first roll of film on my new Holga 120S. probably none of the pics will come out but that's alright.
Sunday, November 23rd, 2003
6:07 pm
new york city rules, but it's not for me
just got back from visiting friends in brooklyn with jim. i love going up there. my friends there don't like to go out, so it's usually just a chill weekend hanging out in the city, which is fine because they are awesome people, but it was nice to have jim with me and to meet up with other friends and actually GO OUT. i love the deluxe bus. $35 round trip to new york from dc. wow. took 4 hours to get up there, had a lovely mexican dinner in williamsburg at Bean. got a rockin' hairdo from my favorite hairdresser in the world, Emiliano, who happens to work out of his garage in brooklyn. i seriously recommend this guy to anyone visiting new york. he charges $40 and gives a serious rockstar haircut. he could charge a bunch more but he doesn't. the deal is that you have no say in what kind of cut you want. which is fine with me because seriously, this is his job to know what kind of cuts to give, wouldn't he have cleverer ideas than me about hair?

on saturday we went to park slope for a bit, then into manhattan for lunch at moby's vegan teahouse, Teany. yummy food, although small portions. we managed to spend the next few hours within 2 blocks on the Lower East Side. i love new york for that reason. most sections of town are PACKED with enough to do for a day at least. went to the best sex shop i've ever seen, Toys in Babeland. i think jim was traumatized so i let him drag me to a couple of guitar stores. met up with our friends mark and nicole and their friends brian and barb. brian and barb are quality folk from arlington, va. fun times at a bar called Piano's. i think every bar in new york is somehow a hipster bar. anyhow, jim and i were tired so we went back to brooklyn and watched Being John Malkovitch on video, which strangely i'd never seen. awesome movie. anne and ned, our hosts, cooked a tasty vegetable lasagna for us. jim and i left them at home and met mark, nicole, their bandmate tom, brian and barb out at Galapagos in williamsburg. finally, zzzzzzz.

took the 11am bus back from brooklyn this morning. "Famous Tony" was our driver. that is all.

Current Mood: content
Thursday, November 13th, 2003
5:05 pm
i'm mesmerized by c-span coverage of the marathon sessions in the senate. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! well at least i'm not scared of smart conservatives in this country because they aren't in elected office. i've always been frightened of folks like iain in the house of lords because they are smart and i don't agree with them but they'd KILL me in a debate. but now the conservatives in this country are inane. which isn't good for the short term but perhaps it's good in the long run? when the republicans' main defense of fighting to get those last four judges appointed is that BLOCKING judicial appointments has never been done before (which isn't even true), i have to believe that even the dumbest of people will see the circular reasoning behind such a stupid argument.

well i at least have marginal employment checking coats at state theatre in VA. lame job, but i get tipped to sit and do my school work.

kudzu wish at the velvet lounge ROCKED on tuesday night.

dealing with some medical shit...feels good to attack these problems, but hard to keep from getting frustrated. at least i have health insurance. how that is possible is sort of a miracle, but i should be thankful that i'm one of the few of the 3 million unemployed americans with health insurance.

more exciting is the benefit show i'm working on with a couple of other folks. it's to raise money for the March for Choice in the spring. never put together a show before, so i'm a little nervous, but one of the guys has experience, so i think we'll be able to pull it off nicely. looks like we're gearing towards having it at a church instead of a club venue so that we can make it all ages. see this is the sort of thing i wouldn't have thought of -- that kids under 21 have more disposable income that they spend on rock shows. yes of course that's true. but that's why i'm glad that i'm not doing this alone. the downside of turning over the controls to someone else, however, is that i'll have to be more proactive about learning how to put on a show. that's a skill i want to have. also want to make sure that my input gets heard.

probably going bowling tonight in VA!

Current Mood: windy
Saturday, November 1st, 2003
5:33 pm
i live in a studio and yesterday morning there were 7 people hanging out in my one room and i was so traumatized that i hung out in my baby kitchen and baked until they all went away. my best friend from college and her scottish BF are visiting from london, staying with me while they're in town for her cousin's bat mitzvah. so her relatives were in my place too. yikes! i've come to accept my own family's craziness, but watching other folks interact with their crazy families can be rough. nice to see my friend, but i think we'll have a nicer time together when i visit her in london in january. the good news is that the baking turned out well and i have a yummy coffee cake as a result.
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